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Join us to taste and learn about the magnificent organic and biodynamic Paxton Wines from McClaren Vale. You will also have the opportunity to purchase the wines at a special price on the night.

Book now as numbers are limited!

Come early and experience the new Chau Chak Wing Museum before the tasting.

DATE: Thursday 18th March

TIME: 5.30pm-7pm

VENUE: Sounds Sydney, Chau Chak Wing Museum, Sydney University, University Pl, Camperdown

TO BOOK: Call 0451 131 905 or e-mail: hello@soundssydney.com.au

Please book no later than 16th March


Fully Certified Organic & Biodynamic. Estate Grown.

Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia

Family Owned:  David Paxton, Ang Tolley & Ben Paxton

Established: 1979 

Chief Winemakers: Ashleigh Seymour & Kate Goodman (Consultant Winemaker) 

Winery Dog: Rocco


Ang Tolley and David Paxton Owners and Founders of Paxton Wines

Ang Tolley & David Paxton - Owners & Founders Paxton Wines

What is 2021 looking like for Paxton?

“2021 is an exciting year as it is the 3rd vintage for our Consultant Winemaker Kate Goodman and the first vintage for our new Winemaker Ashleigh Seymour who has had extensive experience in Italy in Biodynamics. Ashleigh has slotted in quickly and her and the team are working very well together.  The team are loving the fruit that is coming in so far and it’s an interesting change in the dynamic of Paxton that we have a greater female presence than male now.  This is exciting and different and gives a calmer atmosphere in the winery and Ashleigh has it all running smoothly.  I think it’s a very exciting time for us, not withstanding the market place being extremely nervous because of the Chinese turn off of Australian wines, however, our wines seem to be moving well and the demand for organic and biodynamic fruit seems to be increasing. I think this will help us through the tough times – it is something that the whole world is interested in and Australia is just starting to catch on.  We sell in 30 countries and all of these are extremely interested in organic and biodynamic with Europe being at the top of the list.  The growth is gaining momentum in Australia and the potential is huge.”

What do you think the new Winemaker, Ashleigh Seymour, will bring to Paxton?

“It’s in the attention to detail and it’s not about coming in and changing the whole style of Paxton Wines it’s making them better and hopefully we can improve our wines every year so that our offerings are more interesting and just better wine.  Hopefully Ashleigh’s understanding of vineyards and fruit from the vineyards combined with her biodynamic experience will benefit the quality of what we are producing.  Already we see Ashleigh and Kate spending a lot of time in the vineyards which is very encouraging.  They are looking at the quality of the fruit and looking to see if there are areas that aren’t as good as they should be - and the viticulture team will have to deal with that.”

Any standout wines so far in this 2021 vintage?

“Tempranillo seems to be very good but never enough of it!  It is still really too early to tell but some of the Shiraz is looking great, however, we are only still at the start of vintage.”


Three Generations of Paxton - David, Ben & Matilda (& Rocco the Winery Dog!)

Three Generations of Paxton - Matilda, David & Ben (& Rocco the Winery Dog!)

Paxton are leaders in both organic and biodynamic viticulture and winemaking. Fruit for all wines are sourced solely from estate vineyards in McLaren Vale, South Australia.

Established in 1979, Paxton is a family-owned wine company. Founder and owner, David Paxton is one of Australia’s most highly respected viticulturalists – a reputation built on managing and growing wine grapes of exceptional quality for over 40 years.

The Paxton family have nurtured their own vineyards in McLaren Vale for three decades. Internationally recognised as one of Australia’s leading wine regions, McLaren Vale is renowned for the production of super premium quality wines – particularly red wines.

In 2000 the family released their first wine under the PAXTON label: the 1998 Paxton Shiraz. Today, under the direction and guidance of consultant winemaker Kate Goodman and winemaker Ashleigh Seymour, Paxton produces a range of estate grown wines under the family label.

The Paxton wine range is an approachable collection of wines that showcase McLaren Vale’s fruit quality (through Paxton’s superior vineyard sites), natural diversity and varietal expression. In the winery, minimal winemaking intervention ensures the integrity of the fruit from vineyard to bottle.

Paxton vineyards are spread across a diverse number of sites and soil types, which are managed without compromise from planting to harvest. David Paxton continues to strive to minimise inputs and manages the Paxton vineyards biodynamically – a system of farming without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides with a focus on promoting healthy, living soils through the use of natural compost preparation.

In 2011 Paxton became a fully certified organic and biodynamic wine producer.


McLaren Vale is considered one of the most unique and important wine growing regions in Australia today, as well as one of the most geologically diverse wine regions in the world. It is renowned for the production of super premium quality wines – particularly red wines. Its history dates back to the mid 1800’s and is world renown for the production of not just Australia’s top premium wines but also some of the best wines on a global platform. This South Australian region, just 40 kilometres south of Adelaide, is known as ‘Sea & Vines’ which perfectly describes the essence of its favourable geographic location in the Gulf of St Vincent; its unique terroir soils, the winds, temperate, and Mediterranean climate. All of these unique factors are at the core of why the region’s vineyards produce such high-quality premium grapes.


Paxton Wines Jones Block Vineyard

Paxton Jones Block Vineyard, McLaren Vale

In Paxton’s home of McLaren Vale, South Australia, their vineyards are spread across a number of sites and soil types which they manage without compromise from planting to harvest. Their mission is to produce and showcase the region’s fruit quality, varietal expression and natural diversity, particularly with Shiraz, which is now well recognised as the region’s top performing variety.

Paxton call their approach “back to the future”. It involves combining traditional, hands-on management, integrated and complemented with modern technology. They choose to propagate vines from old pre-clonal selection vineyards to benefit from stock with a history of low-yield and high quality.

The vineyard site characteristics they target have soil profiles that allow them to perfectly control soil moisture content via irrigation, maximising fruit quality and intensity. They work with the concept of “terroir”, although they do not necessarily agree with the mystery that is often attached to the word. It can be complex, but it is not magic. They consider “terroir” as the interaction between a vine, its environment and the impact of man’s management with the moisture balance of the soil being possibly the major influence.

Management techniques are varied to suit variety and style. Utilisation of techniques such as shoot thinning, leaf plucking and fruit thinning are employed to attain superior quality. Targeted crop levels for Shiraz are 6 – 8 Tonnes per hectare.

Paxton continually strive to minimise inputs and, essentially, use only sulphur and copper on their red varieties. Trialling of bio-dynamics and non-chemical weed control is ongoing.

It is impossible to develop intimate knowledge of a vineyard in one or two years which is why their commitment to optimum quality is reflected by our long term staff and management.

The Paxton vineyards include:

LANDCROSS FARM - Historical Landcross Farm Homestead and Cellar Door

THOMAS BLOCK - named after the previous owners, who incidentally, are the grand-parents of South Australian astronaut Andy Thomas. This is one of the oldest surviving vineyards in the region and still on original rootstock.

JONES BLOCK - named after the previous owner of the property, Doug Jones, a well-loved character. Paxton Shiraz comes from this vineyard.

MASLIN BEACH - a stone’s throw away from Australia’s first official nude beach, the Maslin Beach Vineyard boasts terrific shallow soil over limestone. Perfect for producing great Shiraz.

GATEWAY VINEYARD – Produces very unique fruit and sits at the entrance to the McLaren Vale township, atop a hill with spectacular views of the majestic Adelaide Hills, the tranquil Gulf of St Vincent and everything in between. Gateway just seemed the perfect name.

QUANDONG FARM - Fully aware of the premium placed on land used for vineyards, David Paxton told the real estate agent he intended to plant Quandong trees. As history has it, the Quandong trees have turned out to look suspiciously similar to Shiraz vines and the fruit they bear is just perfect for producing wine. How lucky is that?

19TH VINEYARD - Originally a golf course, the aptly named 19th vineyard is planted with a variety of Shiraz clones on predominantly deep sands which typically yield fruit in the more floral (think violets) spectrum than the powerful fruit-driven wines from the heavier soils. 


2021 Paxton Vintage Team including new Winemaker Ashleigh Seymour

Ashleigh Seymour (Winemaker) & 2021 Vintage Team

Recently Paxton Wines announced the appointment of Ashleigh Seymour to the position of Winemaker from the largest Italian Biodynamic Estate of Avignonesi in Tuscany, Italy.

Ashleigh offers a wealth of experience in Organic and Biodynamic wine production, having spent the previous 10 years and 11 vintages working at the prestigious Avignonesi.

Born and schooled in Victoria, Ashleigh completed Oenology at the University of Adelaide followed by vintage positions in numerous Australian wine regions and a vintage in France, prior to moving to Italy. Ashleigh has now relocated back to Australia with her youngest daughter (soon to be followed by her husband and eldest daughter) to live and start work in McLaren Vale at Paxton Wines.

Working with Winemaking Consultant Kate Goodman, who has shown her positive influence over the Paxton range beginning from the 2019 vintage, and Owen Giovine, a qualified winemaker with five Paxton vintages under his belt, Ashleigh will complete the winemaking team at Paxton.

Paxton are in a phase of focusing on improvement in all practices relating to their vineyard management, wine production and wine style development. Ashleigh’s appointment will be seen to strengthen the rigor in which they pursue their style developments and quality improvements.

Paxton Wines Team

The Happy Team at Paxton

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