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National Pinot Noir Day - Port Phillip Estate Produces a Drop to Remember

National Pinot Noir Day - Port Phillip Estate Produces a Drop to Remember

In our opinion everyday should be National Pinot Noir day - a drop that has loads of character, however, won’t insult your party guests by being too dramatic, aka the tannins aren’t too explosive. A pinot tends to be polite and matches a wide range of foods and moods, giving it a spot at most dinner parties, picnics and first birthday parties (if you’re not wanting a drink at a first birthday, well, you really must have your life together, we’ll cheers to you). 

We’ve had a little dig around some of the finest pinots circulating the nation and we’re beyond in love with Port Phillips Estate’s version of the juicy drop.

Why Port Phillip Estate? 

Port Phillip Estate is a winery that truly believes fruit should speak for itself. With a low- intervention philosophy they truly allow the characteristics of the grapes come to life. 

Low-intervention - when it comes to wine it means letting the grapes do the work. Most of the labour will be conducted by hand, not so many additives and the fermentation is au naturel. 

What pairs well with this wine

  • Fatty fish - salmon and side dishes to match 
  • A tomato based pasta (extra parmigiana of course) 
  • Roast chicken with a fresh salad 

    One of the major features of the Port Phillip Estate is the design to promote the movement of fruit via gravity flow. They barrel in whole French oak for all barrell matured wines, red and white. Their reds, all unfined and unfiltered. Allowing the natural flavours that occur during the fermentation process to really shine. 

    The sustainable farming that is practised ensures the highest quality of wine is produced. The soil, vines and environment all play the largest part in how the wine develops. 

    For us, this Estate really knows how to bring together the key elements of low-intervention wine together. From their ethos to their practises, they deliver quality wine time after time. For those wanting something a little different, a little more “edgier” than the regular pinot, the Port Phillip Estate wines really hit the mark. 

    We've put together some Port Phillip Estate Mixed cases so you can taste some of their best drops. 


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