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Howard Park Wines

Howard Park Wines

and all the reasons why you need them in your cellar..

When it comes to a good drop, Howard Park Wines know a thing or two about delivering the goods. With a long history of developing a range of great varieties, these winemakers continue to work towards a style of wine that is destined to stand the test of time - no fluff or trends will be found here, just quality and elegant drinking for all to enjoy time and time again.

Image from Howard Park Wines Instagram

It’s all good and well to highlight that these wines are great, but who is Howard Park Wines and what’s their whole mission behind wine? We chatted to them recently about the ins and outs of their establishment, so you, the reader and wine lover could have more of an inside scoop about these incredible wine developers. 


  • Who are Howard Park Wines and how did they come about?
    • Howard Park Wines was originally founded by John Wade who released a Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling under the Howard Park label in 1986. John’s mission was to craft a wine with generational cellaring potential, and that remains true to Howard Park’s philosophy today. His friend and fellow wine lover Jeff Burch joined in a partnership seven years later after he and his wife Amy purchased a parcel of land to develop for vines, in addition to constructing a winery and cellar door as part of the venture. The Burch family took sole control of Howard Park in 1998.
  • What is your point of difference when it comes to the development of a great wine?
    • Many things go into producing a great wine, but for us at Howard Park, people are at the heart of everything we do. The team are dedicated to our mission to produce wines of provenance and elegance that stand the test of time. The people behind Howard Park’s wines have built an intellectual database of the regions, vineyards, blocks and clones of the fruit sourced to produce these wines and has developed this knowledge over the course of our 30-year plus history.
  • What's the ethos of Howard Park Wines?
    • We aim to showcase the best of the Margaret River and Great Southern wine regions through an ethos that celebrates passion, commitment, and dedication to our craft. Both regions are incredibly diverse and known around the globe for producing exceptional wines. Our team is dedicated to understanding the intricate personalities of the sites we source our fruit from, and this exhaustive knowledge of the regions and plots of lands we work from shows in the outstanding wines we produce year to year.

“The team are dedicated to our mission to produce wines of provenance and elegance that stand the test of time.”

  • What exciting things are coming out of Howard Park at the moment? 
    • Our Icon Wines consistently impress critics with each new release. The Abercrombie Cabernet Sauvignon, Allingham Chardonnay and A.S.W. Cabernet Shiraz are individually considered benchmark wines in terms of style and quality for the region. We’re very passionate about showcasing the Great Southern as a leading sparkling wine producing region. The Great Southern is perfectly suited to growing fine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes that display high natural acidity ideal for sparkling wines and our Jeté collection is a terrific example of the style and diversity coming from the region. We are also excited to be releasing our 2014 Museum Release Riesling as part of our Museum Series program. Each year we lock away a small amount of our new release Riesling to re-release once it has had some time to age and develop. This is an exciting program that gives wine lovers the opportunity to taste back vintage wines without the hassle of storing or cellaring wines for future enjoyment. Cellaring can be such a rewarding experience when done properly, and the Burch family wants more people to enjoy this delicious wine artform through their own Museum Series wine releases.

  • We're featuring the Miamup Chardonnay 2020 - can you tell our readers a little more about this white and why it's so special? 
    • We focus on a critical selection across our Margaret River vineyards to produce the Miamup Chardonnay. Each parcel adds rich complexity to the wine due to the soils, aspects, clones, and microclimates for each site – giving our winemakers a diverse palette, so to speak, to craft this wine. Needless to say, the team is pretty enthusiastic about working through each of the parcels and combining them together to produce this special wine.   

Image supplied by Howard Park Wines

  • What pairs well with this lip-smacking drop? 
    • The wine is ultra-flavoursome and complex, so can be one to sip and savour on its own, or for added complexity, a pungent, soft cheese like camembert or Roquefort and some crisp biscuits would go down a treat.
  • The three best scenarios to enjoy this style of wine 
    • A few friends and a lush cheese platter.
    • Sundowner drinks after a day at the beach.
    • A glass to enjoy while cooking dinner for someone special.

Image from Howard Park Wines Instagram

Want to visit this incredible location for a wine tasting? Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the best locations in Australia: 


Howard Park Wines

543 Miamup Road


Western Australia


(08) 9756 5200



Cellar Door

Open Daily

10:00am – 5:00pm

543 Miamup Road, Cowaramup, WA 6284


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