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En Vie by Helen's Hill

En Vie by Helen's Hill

What we’re drinking and eating - only good tasting stuff found here 

Entertaining is one of our favourite group activities. F45, we’ll skip it, Crossfit, yeah nah not really our thing. We lean towards anything that involves good food paired with good wine and we know you’re on the same page even if you have a calorie counting app. 

So, we want to inspire your dinner table, the lunchtime picnic or whichever scenario you can envision yourself partaking in with some outrageously good wine and a cute recipe to pair.

The Drop: 

She’s stunning, simple and a little bit bubbly, we’d like to introduce you to En Vie Blanc De Noir from the Helen’s Hill Single Vineyard in the Yarra Valley. 

What’s the wine like? 

This versatile sparkling wine is full of orange blossom and citrus fragrances, with hints of musk and red fruits. The intense and lively palate sports a creamy mouthfeel and a crisp finale. We like to call this one of the “non-offensive” styles of sparkle. It’s a great way to finish off a meal as an aperitif, but that’s just a loose suggestion. Is it sunny? Have a glass. Are you cleaning? Have a glass. Are you eating your 18th oyster in a row and can’t get past the starters? Have a glass. 

Where does this little hunny come from?  

Helen’s Hill Single Vineyard in the Yarra Valley. That’s the short answer. Why their wine is so great comes down to their ethos and passion for great wine - they’re like your best mates that know a thing or five about delicious tasting wine. 

They’re truly a no-fuss style of vineyard, they want to offer people great wine at great prices so the good times can continue to roll. They’re a family-run business and their ethos is all about letting mother nature do its thing. We are really fond of their passion and love for wine and farming, it is evident in everything they do and shows with the final product of their really impressive wine range. 

They offer on-premises wine tastings, dining experiences and event hire. With a gorgeous location in the Yarra Valley, it’s a great day trip to indulge in something a little special. 


What would we be eating with this wine? 

As we mentioned is relatively easy drinking so it truly is a people pleaser from the get-go. However, a tasty pairing would be this Fried Chicken Sandwiches With Slaw recipe from sunset.com. “Fried chicken?” Is probably what you’re thinking, but you’ll be surprised by how well sparkling matches with some crispy chicken. It’s the type of food that matches this style of wine as their ethos really is “less-fuss”.

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