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Helen's Hill red wine

Featured: Helen's Hill Vineyard

Helen’s Hill Vineyard
Coldstream, Yarra Valley, Victoria
Single Vineyard
Nalder & McIntosh Families
Winemaker: Scott McCarthy

For the first week of ‘Sip for Vic’, we draw your focus to support our mates at Helen’s Hill Vineyard. Order up and enjoy their excellent portfolio of wines whilst supporting a hard working family run business that just so happens to also make bloody excellent wines.

"The fact that the expression “may you live in interesting times” is actually a curse not a blessing is not that well known and now this expression has been truncated. It simply reads 2020. (or maybe some other four letter word). But the great thing about making good wine is that it gets better with age, so hanging out for 8 months has just made everything better! Wish I could say the same, but alas I am more in the 'shit wine gets worse with age category'."
Allan Nalder, Founder and Owner of Helen's Hell Vineyards.

Helen’s Hill Vineyard is a story of two families with a love of farming and wine running deep in their veins, nurturing the land and life that created the fond memories of their youthful years. Passion and BIG personalities have seen them get through many hurdles over the last 20+ years and this year is no exception.

Their philosophy is that truly great wine results from a partnership between the land and the people who nurture it. At Helen’s Hill Estate, their 100% family owned vineyard carefully balances traditional values and modern efficiencies to make exceptional cool climate wines. Their vineyard and wine making philosophy is quite simple: The land and the fruit are in charge – we do all the labour.

With two core wine labels – Helen’s Hill and Ingram Road – and their exclusive top-tier Winemakers Reserve and Single Clone wines, the Helen’s Hill range provides something for all palates, occasions and…well…just coz’ you can!


It's been a tough time for our tenacious winemakers in Victoria over these crazy Covid times, and there is no better way to support them than to drink their sensational wines. We want you to try their wines so if you order any of the wines below you will automatically receive 5% off as part of our SIP FOR VIC program. Enjoy!

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